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Click Here: To see where the Park has already been logged.Farragut_State_Park_Logging_Map.html
Click Here: The Solution: Follow Official Idaho State Park RulesFarragut_State_Park_Solution.html
FARRAGUT PARK LOGGING FACT SHEETFarragut_State_Park_Fact_Sheet.html
READ THIS: Drs. Arthur and Catherine Partridge, Ph.D.  U. of Idaho
FARRAGUT PARK LOGGING & WildFire PreventionFarragut_State_Park_Dr._Partridge.html
READ THIS: Kootenai Environmental Alliance Position
A Betrayal: Lakeshore Logging in Farragut State ParkFarragut_State_Park_KEA_Letter.html
PROTEST Demonstration: Aug 25th
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Farragut State Park, on the southern end of Lake Pend Oreille is Northern Idaho’s premier recreation park. Hike, bike, picnic, swimming, boating, camping, disc golf, wildlife, nature at its finest. Make reservations for camping. Miles of trails wind through the forests. Bicycle over 3000 acres with 30 miles of trails. Spectacular scenery and adventure.

Nearby Bayview, Idaho - Athol Idaho - Just North of Coeur d Alene, Idaho - Just South of Sandpoint, Idaho - Also Spokane, Washington -

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Plea of the PileatedFarragut_State_Park_Plea_of_the_Pileated.html